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The Ultimate Guide to Number Talks was just the first step in getting your 1st-6th grade math students talking...

It's Time to (Re)Engage Our

Online Math Students

I'd love to give you an opportunity to access my mini-course all about increasing engagement in the online math classroom—for 50% off the regular price.

Looking to increase student engagement and access to content in your virtual math class? The Bridging the Distance Mini-Course will provide you with the tools and resources you need to bring effective math games into your online 1st-6th grade classroom, use a virtual math manipulative library to keep lessons "hands-on," captivate students and boost learning.

You can save 50% off the regular price until this offer ends, so act now!


Bridging the Distance Mini-Course

(Re)Engaging Online Learners With Math Games & Virtual Manipulatives

Does it feel like you had to shift away from multi-sensory games & activities when you moved to online learning?

  • Struggling to find that balance between engagement and distraction?
  • You know your students and the content you want to teach, but you aren't sure how to adjust instruction so virtual learning is more than listening to you lecture. Again.
  • You have questions about how to continue to develop number sense and teach fact fluency strategies even though you are teaching online.

Welcome to Bridging the Distance

Why is this mini-course about more than just online math games and virtual math manipulatives?

Imagine what it will feel like...

...to make math class engaging and accessible again.

...to have number-sense-building games ready for the next day. No more late night searches for last-minute resources and activities.

...to breathe new life into your online elementary classroom so you and your students are excited about math class again.


You want to make math class more-interactive but you have questions:

Is it possible to have virtual students play number-sense and fact fluency building math games like they used to play in the classroom?

What about my math students who benefit from having feedback and support to stay on task?

How do I build in accountability to make sure my students are participating?

"Getting one of [my students] to practice times tables was a like pushing cooked spaghetti across a linoleum floor...After I found this game on your website (and some 12-sided dice on Amazon), his attitude toward tutoring improved drastically. He seemed somewhat excited to come, even during last period on Friday."

- Molly, Educator


Join Bridging the Distance to...

🤓 Learn the tools and resources you need to add back those interactive elements that were lost in the transition to online learning, even if you are strapped for time.

🍎 Create a vibrant, positive math community, where students are eager participants in learning math.

🌟 Support students in 1st-6th grade using easy-to-differentiate math games and resources that will jumpstart your students' fact fluency & number sense.

“Maria had straightforward yet engaging techniques and games that taught my daughter fundamental ways to think about math. My daughter's confidence improved immensely and she is no longer overwhelmed at approaching math.

The skills Maria has imparted have made my daughter independent and successful at a subject that once before eluded her.”

- Deanne Detmers, Mom & Executive Director, Behavioral Intervention Association

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Learn How to Use Math Games to Build Fact Fluency & Number Sense

  • Go beyond computer programs that only care if students find the right answer.
  • Instead, learn how to develop fact fluency & number sense through math games that get students talking and thinking more-deeply.

Games Included:

  • Set (builds fact fluency and flexible thinking; 1st-5th grade*)
  • Multiplication Bump (builds multiplication fact fluency; 3rd-6th grade)
  • The Staircase Game (builds place value understanding and multi-digit addition practice; 2nd-6th grade)
  • Addition Tic Tac Toe (builds addition and subtraction fact fluency; 1st-4th grade)
  • Multiplication Tic Tac Toe (builds multiplication and division fact fluency; 3rd-6th grade)
  • Pig (multi-digit addition practice; addition or multiplication fact practice); 1st-6th grade

  • All games include instructions, digital gameboards and video tutorials on how to play online with your students. All can be adapted for in-class play, so you can take them back into the classroom when possible.

    *Grade recommendations will vary depending on individual student level so use your own judgement.


With Increased Fact Fluency & Number Sense...

  • Students have a deeper understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication & division and can solve problems flexibly & creatively.
  • Numbers are no longer abstract concepts.
  • Students readily make connections between concepts & use more-efficient mental math strategies when solving problems...even if it's a problem-type they have never seen before.
  • You will spend less time redirecting & cajoling students.
  • But, most of all, students will start liking math class because they are engaged, making connections & finally understand what is happening!



"I had been looking for a practical and convenient way to get more PD. Maria has a wealth of knowledge and presents the material in a lively, straightforward style.

This was information I could use with my students right away."

- Stella, Educator

Working with Maria made me more comfortable and confident doing math. I can now do all the little things that used to trip me up when I tried to solve problems.

- Ava, Former Student

(P.S. Ava is now studying computer science!)

Teaching Math Virtually Is Challenging

You wish you could quickly pull out math manipulatives to better explain a concept in the same way you used to in your classroom.

You want to make sure your students are playing the engaging math games that they once played in person…

…so they can build their fact fluency and number sense and continue to "hold" math in the hands.

Go further with your virtual math instruction using these tested techniques and strategies.

Download the Virtual Math Manipulative Library & Use Right Away

What's in the Virtual Math Manipulative Library?

Inside the mini-course, I show you how I organize and use virtual math manipulatives, but I also provide you with a zip file containing the following digital tools to use in your online classroom:

➣ Playing Cards & Number Cards
➣ Base Ten Blocks
➣ Coins
➣ Counters
➣ Dice Clip Art
➣ Ten Frame
➣ Base Ten Mat
➣ Hundreds Chart
➣ Numberline 0-20
➣ Numberline 21-40
➣ Multiplication Fact Chart

Your Instructor


Hi, I'm Maria. I have over 15 years experience in education, including over 8 years providing intensive math intervention, enrichment and everything in-between. Along the way, I discovered that there is nothing I enjoy more than to turn math haters into math lovers through fun games, meaty number talks, and a positive math community.

Something really clicked for me when I discovered how to go deeper with math assessments. Suddenly, I knew exactly what step to take next to help my students⏤of all levels and learning styles⏤move forward with math (whatever that looked like for them).

In addition to working directly with students each week, I also present on topics related to math education to California Bay Area schools and parent groups.

Don't miss your chance to join the mini-course today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the mini-course?
You have access for the lifetime of the mini-course. Once you have enrolled, you have unlimited access to this mini-course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
When does the mini-course start?
As soon as you enroll, you'll get immediate access to all the mini-course content.
What happens when I buy?
You will get an email confirmation with log-in information, along with immediate access to all the mini-course content.
Are refunds available for Bridging the Distance?
Because Bridging the Distance is delivered to you immediately in a digital format, we are unable to issue refunds for any reason.
What grades do you recommend this mini-course for?
Bridging the Distance is meant for teachers and other educators who work with 1st-6th graders (and possibly 7th and 8th graders who need support with basic fact fluency). Some of the games that focus on multiplication fact fluency will likely not be appropriate for 1st or 2nd graders. Given that student ability can fluctuate a great deal from grade to grade, grade recommendations will vary depending on individual student level.

How is this different from PD at my school, Teachers Pay Teachers resources or ideas from Pinterest?

👆 Convenient: Bridging the Distance is a collection of tools and resources in one place.

🙌 Cohesive & Deliberate: Go beyond downloading random activities from the Internet & praying they will engage your students.

✍️ Tried & Tested: I walk you through every step of a system that has worked for my students during online learning, many of whom have multiple learning challenges.

👍 Easy-to-Access & Revisit: Every resource and training video is available on-demand whenever you need it.

"During her time working with my daughter, Maria has been able to identify my daughter's challenge areas, structure a plan to overcome those challenges and provided my daughter with a roadmap for improvement. Not only has my daughter’s achievement dramatically improved, but she has adopted a growth mindset which bolsters her confidence when taking on academic challenges."

- Roxanne Christophe, Founder & CEO, Girls Crushing It

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Have any questions about the Bridging the Distance mini-course? Email me at: [email protected]