Classroom Hero

A step-by-step guide to supporting your struggling, disorganized students, including students with ADHD & anxiety

Think about your students for a minute...

I'm willing to bet that there is a small but vocal faction of students in your classroom that need a lot of support with

  • starting their work
  • keeping track of their assignments & papers
  • staying attentive
  • following directions
  • calling out & disrupting
  • continuing with tasks, even if they face setbacks

Of course you know these students, because often they are where your love goes...

You think about them at night & worry about their progress.

Maybe you have devised behavioral plans & rewards you think they'll like but nothing sticks.

But what would your classroom be like....

if just one or two of your students was more attentive, more independent, or even a bit more organized?

Maybe you have some strategies for supporting the students you can, but do you have a system?

Do you have a reliable way of working with your struggling students that gets at the heart of their challenges?


Executive Functioning is the buzzword in education right now.

It's often used as a catchall for a host of student struggles, from disorganization & poor time management to low impulse control & working memory challenges.

What these skills have in common is the brain's ability to make & execute plans.

Even the brightest students can struggle in school because of Executive Functioning skill deficits.

There is good news, though:

Knowing how to support students with EF challenges:

  • increases your effectiveness
  • builds student skills & independence
  • changes lives (yours & theirs)
  • lightens your workload
  • calms your classroom
  • takes your students farther faster

Be a Classroom Hero.

Grow your skills so you can better serve all your students.


Classroom Hero is a course, a resource & a community

Classroom Hero guides you through everything you need to know to support students with the executive skills they need to succeed in the game of school.

Through info-packed videos, useful handouts & case studies, I take you from investigating difficult tasks to matching your students with the best solutions for them.

Plus, webinars & discussion prompts give you a chance to ask your questions & get answers.

Classroom Hero is for educators who want to grow their teaching practice so they are more efficient & have a bigger impact.

Get your students farther faster by knowing how to address the core deficits that impact their learning.


For Teachers by a Teacher

Too often when we get advice about struggling students, it's not doable in a classroom setting, it has too many steps or is too narrow to apply to all our students.

I designed this course to be successful in classrooms, resource rooms & tutoring centers, across grades & subjects.

1) Practical processes that can be applied across EF skills & subjects

Support a student who can't seem to get started with his writing & a student who struggles with emotional control using the same set of steps.

2) Holistic

Think about students holistically, gather data about all aspects of a student (or group of students) & what makes challenging tasks challenging. (Yes, there are worksheets!)

3) Scalable & Sustainable

Quickly narrow the objective to one small-but-impactful task, a game changer, to focus on first. (More worksheets!) This keeps the process sustainable & scalable.

If the whole class, a handful of students or just one student is working toward a single clear objective, you all have a better chance of getting it right.

4) Support & Motivate

Finally, apply the scaffolding & motivation that gets at the heart of the core struggles & skills deficit(s).

We are talking about strategies you can apply in the classroom tomorrow.

This is practical professional development you can actually use.

Unlock the math games & number talks now!

Your Instructor

Maria Howard
Maria Howard

Hi, I'm Maria! A former classroom teacher of six years, I've owned my own small tutoring business since March 2016. I took about a year to transition from part time to full time, but once I hit my stride I was able to replace my teaching salary while working way fewer hours, choosing which families I work with, and serving struggling students with expert academic support.

Along the way, I've discovered that there is nothing I enjoy more than the autonomy of working for myself and turning math haters into math lovers through fun games, meaty problems & the occasional M&M.

This workshop is full of all the practical information I wish I knew when I started my tutoring business years ago and I can't wait to share it with you.

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